The Harding Club is a a Jewish men's social club dedicated to camaraderie, good food and dynamic speakers. We usually meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. We can be reached by email: harding1923@gmail.com


Harding Club Minutes 4/19/17

Harding Club members and their wives assembled at Sprout Creek Farm at 5:30 on a rainy afternoon decked out in unfashionable work boots. This attire proved to be helpful for touring one of the few remaining dairy farms left in the area, particularly since we had been warned that since milk isn't the only thing to come to come out of a cow. The inclement weather, however, kept us confined to the farm's barn and attached dining room and cheese tasting room. Rich Levine, and the other organizers of our agricultural soiree, very thoughtfully arranged to have a variety of wines to greet us upon our arrival and these went very well with the selection of gourmet cheeses that Sprout Creek Farm produces. But before we proceeded to stuff ourselves with delicious cheese we were privileged to meet the friendly cows and goats responsible for producing the milk from which the staff and young people who intern at Sprout Creek, in turn, turn into cheese. There were about a dozen goats and maybe two dozen cows on hand in the barn and they all - especially the goats - seemed happy to greet us. Some of us would have been happy to spend the evening with the animals, especially the baby animals. But, eventually, the lure of cheese in the tasting area proved impossible to ignore and we enjoyed a selection that included three raw milk hard cheeses, that are aged over 60 days, and an incredibly gooey and delicious brie type cheese which is somewhat newer. The staff on hand graciously kept slicing to meet our unceasing demand for this addictive stuff. At around 7:00 PM we were invited into the dining where we enjoyed a delicious buffet spread of sliced brisket, mac n' cheese, steamed potatoes and sautéed greens followed by coffee and dessert. After we had dined Sergeant-at-Arms Martin Hochhauser called on Rich Levine to introduce our speaker for the evening; Sprout Creak Farm co-founder Margo Morris. Margo gave us a brief history of sprout Creak Farm, which began in 1982 at a Catholic girls prep school in Greenwich, Connecticut - where she, and some of the other sisters felt that their students badly needed to participate to something that would connect them to the realities of the world, as well as the natural world, while teaching them a sense of a sense of responsibility. A farm, she said, is all about responsibility, because it is an enterprise that demands one's immediate and constant attention. But the rewards, especially for young people, are substantial - you are producing something you can take pride in. Thus, for Margo, and the other founders of Sprout Creek Farm, as important as the production of award- winning cheese is the creating of responsible, humane young people who come to work year-round as agricultural interns or as participants in the farm's summer camp. That there exists a working farm, at all, in our hyper- suburban neighborhood is due to the happy coincidence of these intrepid educators (who, at first, knew very little about raising cows and goats themselves) and a property owner in the Poughkeepsie area that wanted to ensure that their land would continue to exist as a farm and reached out to Margo and her associates. Thus, rather than being a family farm, Sprout Creek operates as an educational, not for profit corporation and income from their eggs and cheese keeps the farm afloat. At present, said Margo, the farm produces eggs and cheese but they are hoping to sell milk in the future as well. We presented Margo with a Harding Club Coffee Mug which would be perfect for drinking milk. Kudos to Rich Levine who organized this very informative and delicious excursion, which we could perhaps continue in the future as the milchig counterpart to our celebrated fleishig Kosher Deli Night.

Respectfully Submitted, Peter Albenda 


Historic Meeting Minutes:


November 5, 2014:


 The Harding Club met again at Poughkeepsie’s Milanese Restaurant, feasting on a choice of veal parmigiana or stuffed fillet of sole.  There was also a choice of steak a la pizzaiola for an additional charge.   I was told by those who ordered it that it was very good.   The setting was very intimate and romantic with chianti bottle candelabras and pictures of Venice and Rome. 


And so our club, named for that great Italian president, Guillermo della Hardino, was brought to order by Signore Sergeant-at-Arms Martino Hochhauser, who introduced our president, Luigi Sims.  Our president then called on former club president John Weisman to introduce the evening’s speaker, his friend Brian Apollonio of Construction Pros of Poughquaq.  Brian, who is a licensed contractor and has done repairs to Temple Beth-El among other things, spoke about his role in doing home energy audits, he said, to determine if your home is properly sealed and insulated against the elements.  He also checks for gas and carbon monoxide leaks and does an evaluation of your furnace’s efficiency.  Brian then proceeded to answer the many questions that H.C. members fielded at him and in the process gave us all a short tutorial on basic home energy maintenance.  We thanked Brian and presented him with a Warren G. Harding mug for his coffee break.  We then asked Brian to do us the honor of choosing the winners of the evening’s drawing.  Red: Herb Stoller and Blue: Lew Sims. 


Herb Stoller, speaking an behalf of the H.C.’s Donations Committee, asked club members to advise him on any potential deserving recipients. 


There being no further club business, a motion was passed to adjourn the meeting.


Respectfully submitted, Peter Albenda